Forex News Indicator for MT4 and MT5

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  1. forex news indicator for MT4, MT5 with previous, forecast and actual data

  2. I don’t understand what is going on here. Which indicator is this? Please be more specific about the details of the indicator.
  3. forex calendar for mt4 and mt5 which shows events divided into 3 categories:
    impact low, medium and high

    The most important thing is that the data at the time of publishing the event are up-to-date, there are many other indicators, but only with the previous data, without actual data.
  4. Okay, but are your sure you provided the right link to download it. It was redirecting me to skype.
  5. right
  6. I can't add the file under MT5, because it is not supported on the forum, here you can download the MT5 forex news indicator

    How working Forex News Indicator?

  7. I think different files for mt4 and mt5, all indicators that support mt4 maybe must to converted to mt file format. When I use the news calendar indicator, but it makes slow down my mt4, so I uninstall the indicator if want to check the news you can download the app Tradays in the google play store.
  8. Yea, the file is not correct to me. Please update it so that I can give this a try.
  9. kroxobor


    I have this stuff by default in my Hotforex MT5 platform.
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  10. With my MT4 and MT5 working perfectly and also my friends use this news indicator and additionally on FX Merge you can publish your trading results, but on the strategies list, I haven't seen any fxopen users there, probably not many people use this broker.
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