Forex Neuro Technology Trading System

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  1. I’ve always had a fascination with neuro networks so this is my first try at programming one. I’m programming this system for the forex market. I hope this will help myself and others in system development. If anyone else out there is also using neuro networks I’d love to share information to help make better systems.

    The System has already given signals, but since it was done before I opened this thread I will not put them on but wait till the next signals.

    I also have opened a $2000 (It’s all the life savings I have) account with oanda to test all the signals out with a real money.

    Any feedback would greatly be appreciate it.

    Current Record (Spreadsheet Attached)
  2. Short AUD_USD at Market

    This is a real account with oanda

    Got filled at .7692,
    Trail Stop set at .7796
    Target at .7192