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  1. Has anyone ever dealt with Forex Miami Beach? Are they legitimate?
  2. Is there a reason why you started three new threads asking the same question?
  3. anything with that name should be avoided.. actually anyone claiming to be a forex broker or commodities broker in south florida epecially the east coast should be avoided...
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    El pollo, thanks for keeping this board a safe place.

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  5. Yeah. Great firm with unique methods of trading. These guys got it together. Led by one of the best in the currency biz Andy spantonSki
  6. A bloomberg for every trader
  7. I posted the question on 3 different locations to give my question the best probability of getting views and an honest answer. I have a reply for idiots who waste their time looking at these posts and put stupid non-responsive answers up....get a FN life toolbags!
    Thank you to the two people who actually posted relevent statements. I have a friend who's been interested in that group, and I too find their stuff interesting, just wanted to make sure they're not some smoke and mirror show. Most shops in South Florida are pretty shady.
  8. Who is this A S ?

  9. Andrew Spanton
    Chief Chainsmoker

    Contact Global Fx Remote Group, LLC.
    Sunday 5pm through Friday 5pm, 24 hours a day
    361 Collins Ave., Suite 6a, Miami Beach, FL 33139.
    Tel: (786) 768-2336.
  10. i am contacting the cftc and the nfa.
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