Forex Mentor: Course any good?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Kastro_316, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. Anyone here take this? Honestly, its not for me, a co-worker of mine asked me what I thought because I trade FX, but I never heard of it. I looked at and they said its good.

    Is it worht the money. I took a peak, and its really expensive.

    Thanks, happy trading!
  2. Do a search for Peter Bain, there are quite a few reviews. The most common comment seems to be the methods he uses are nothing new, pivot points, MACD, and divergence.

    His website is about as cheesy as all the other course/system/software vendors complete with the usual well-worn catchphrases like "Learn to trade like a Pro" and "techniques used by banks and financial institutions" (yawn), I wonder if these guys have a standard 'cheesy seller' template because they all seem to use the same layout and sales pitch :)

    Out of interest why don't you teach him yourself?
  3. damo484


    He sucks...... badly..

    cabletrader has covered him just about right.

    He never talks about money management. He barely shows you how pivots and his use of MACD is all wrong...

    Some of his employees (i.e. Chis Loir and Vic Noble ) are good though. But all have simple techniques and always show post trades.
  4. lol, if that was a sly advert it looks like it's backfired badly :p

  5. :p :p :p