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    I used to use the esignal forex hotspots data about a year ago, but ditched esignal because they're overpriced. Does anyone know of any other data providers that give you acces to market depth in the forex markets? In esignal, it basically would show the five to eight major forex dealers and their current quotes. It was useful during market spikes when the dealers try to run margins and stops. You could see sometimes only one dealer spiking their quote, while the others were not moving. I used it to turn their scams against them. Anyway, anyone know anything like this?
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    Bump. Anyone?
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    All these forex traders on ET, and no one knows shit.
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    Very few members here even trade a live account!

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    Are you one of them?
  6. 1-EBS: the largest spot platform that handles 1/3 of the world's volume (130 billion a day), data feed available for CQG and Bloomberg Pro.

    2-Reuters: formerly the largest platform that may still have the most liquidity for Cable, EUR/GBP, and the Australian Dollar. Only available through Reuters as far as I know.

    3- S&P Comstock- An OK data feed that is a compilation of quotes from banks. Each bar on a chart will generally be a little longer than what actually happened on most platforms. Good enough to use longer term but not good enough for scalping.

    4-GTIS is what you were getting from Esignal.

    I'm not surprised you didn't get any replies. ET is full of forum trolls and useless turds. I've had my fair share lately. There are only a few real traders on here.
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    What platform are you trading on? The various currenex ECN platforms have DOM which varies depending on brokers, you can look at IB's DOM, but that's only 5 deep, and then there's MBT, but I think that DOM is rather suspect due to the size of trades they allow.

    I agree tho that if you want to get a good representation of the market, EBS on Bloomberg or Reuters xtra3000 news/platform are very good, but not worth the 1500-2100 cost just to view the DOM.

    If you are trading with a dealing desk/mm broker, DOM is not going to make any difference since the no commission, spread padding brokers manipulate the prices you see anyway.
  8. The OP was talking about what eSignal calls market-depth on their F/X data, that is different (and quite a misnomer) than what everyone else calls market-depth. On eSignal you can use the T&S window for their composite F/X data and it would display all new quotes by individual data-contributor (but not any traded volume or available size at bid/ask).

    Basically you can simultaneously monitor a lot of quotes from a lot of different brokers/banks. I guess that's what the OP is after.

    Morningstar (formerly known as Tenfore) has a similar service, but i doubt its cheaper.
  9. do any of these show true order book depth? i know ebs only shows three levels of price, price price +/-1 and an outside quantity price.

    most screens i've seen only show inside market
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