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  1. I went to their seminar last night, hoping to get a small clue of the analysis behind the lights.

    What a joke. $4000 for a program and you have no idea what it is. I am in sales and i saw firsthand one of our rules in action. PEOPLE BUY BASED ON EMOTION. These people were not buying a software program, they were "trying" to buy thier dream. Unfortunatley, most of them will likely fail.

    Anyhow, about the lights, if it is based on MA and MACD, then all you have to figure out is the settings they use and you can use your charts to do the same things for free.

    I have started trading recently, trying to research and study everything on my own. I have had good success at getting the direction right, but having most of my trouble getting stopped out, and my trade goes on without me. I would say that i have the direction about 90%, some small gains of 3-10 pips, others like yesterday that i should have had 90-100 pips.

    Can some of the experienced people share some insight on stops, trailing stops, if you use the MA and MACD which settings to use, also any critical info about pivot points which is the basis for most of what i do.
  2. no matter what stop you use, you still being stop out, this is what it mean:D for shorter time frame your stop follow the price closer, for longer time frame your stop follow the price farer, no magic.:D
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    Cut your trade size in half and double your stop loss distance. If you're trying to ride a longer-term trend, position your stops based on a larger chart than the one you're trading off -- you need to at least avoid the white noise that occurs daily, or pullbacks to the EMA before the trend continues. Place your stops based on the market's S/R, not an arbitrary monetary value.