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    I am an experienced trader in stocks and futures. However, I plan on entering the FOREX market as well, but I'm not clear on some specifics in regards to leverage.

    I see one can open an account (mini for example) with 200:1 leverage. My question is... at what point would an account holder be forced to lower their leverage ratio? Is there a standard account size where a leverage reduction is mandatory? Or is it broker specific? If it is broker specific, where do those account value breakdowns generally occur?

    Thanks Guys!:)
  2. Margin calls are always a good way to reduce leverage and value breakdowns.

  3. It's broker specific. I believe you can have 200:1 up to $10,000 with FXCM.
  4. lol...Fxsolutions has 400:1...and the other day I saw it...yes I did...can't remember where though...500:1 leverage
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