Forex: leading indicators

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    Suppose you are day-trading nasdaq stocks

    Then your leading indicators are
    - Nasdaq COMPQ ($Scompq in esignal)
    - $Tring: a measure of buying/selling pression
    - Times&Sales: when your entry point is approaching T&S let you gauge/spot the best timing for entering
    - sector strenght indicator: if you want to buy PSFT (Nasdaq Software), you may want to look for MSFT, tier 1 leader in the same sector, or better $GSO (software index)

    If you trade forex: which indicators you want or need to look at to decide the direction of trade and time of trade?

    Does it make sense daytrading forex? or do most people swing trade only?

    Which are the best forex brokers? (not necessarily US based).

    Which brokers can provide extended hours, better 24hours, trading with liquidity?