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  1. I'm Forex...

    just netted 13 pips in a quick EUR/USD trade this morning...good to be back trading Forex...

    Net current total:

    +13 EUR/USD pips

    this is real and live trading...
  2. what happened to you cars thrower thread from yesterday for futures emini traders? You bounce around way to much, is this a paper account?
  3. So if this is truley a journal, you need to call the entry before or as you do it for all to follow, none of the i just made 13 pips crap. Call the trade for all to watch and see if you truley make money. If your not going to do that do no waste precious ET space with this paper trading account
  4. this is a totally real and live trading account...real cash was traded today...very excited about trading forex now...
  5. are exactly right...too much bouncing around...for me for right now...all you will hear is FOREX talk...I'm trading live and real...not papertrading...this is real cash-o-la $$$ best to you...
  6. sorry trades fire off too fast and end just as fast(this trade today was about 3-4 time to write on ET)...not time to do as you noted...sorry about that..also...all is cool, you do not have to read this at all if it bothers you...many of the journals here are even just a traders "Trading thoughts" and do not even list trades, no biggy and all is trading to you...
  7. So in the past 3 days you were totally only doing options with ur big list of options plays , then futures with all your futures plays and now forex? Pretty funny, I know I dont have to read but like the entertainment value of this seeing u post all this bs and ask the same questions over and over again for the past year!
  8. will see this journal fill up with Forex trades I have taken and hopefully people will add key Forex insight here...
  9. trades will be taken on any of these 8 pairs:

    Spot Gold
  10. Ok while I am skeptical, I do wish you luck. I trade fx and traded futures in the past and made the switch to FX about 8 months ago. I trade intraday and mainly inside bars and shooting star patterns with the trend on the 15 and 30 min charts. Its not rocket science its simple PA, I do not use indicators. I pretty much trade naked and its worked out. My only problem in the begining was money mangement but I learned what works for me and my setups and now its going very well. I trade 8 pairs, it seems like a lot but when ur only scanning on the 15/30 min its not to bad there are a bunch of oppurtunities all day long. I came from a scalper mentality on the emini side so that was another hurdle I needed to get over a while back as well. So good luck and keep it honest , dont bounce around becuase u will discredit anything else you have to say. Stick with it in the good and bad times, thats the way to learn.
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