Forex - Is this person real??

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  2. what do you think.................
  3. From one of the message boards...

    EDIT: I should add that was posted by him on January 22nd, 2006. (Bottom of the page);f=16;t=005261;p=5
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    That is so funny.

    He opened a $50 account at Oanda and kept losing so he ate a bunch of magic mushrooms and never recovered.


    5 star entertainment.

  5. Real estate will become less attractive and then, will suddenly plunge.

    Guy has some interesting theories and trading calls.

    I think we're at the "Real estate will become less attractive" part. For 2008, U.S. equities still have upside trajectory, sideways at worst. Even with the rigged machines, can't risk having a "Ron Paul" elected.
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    bobblong, are you a Jew or an homosexual? or may be both?

    (honest question)

    Kind regards
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    Maybe both! Nice disguise 'username'

    For those of you whom aren't aware.. 'username' is that guy.

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    'bobblong', are you or are you not? (you did not answer my question which, again, was honest), and why did you erase your picture, after my second posting on this thread?
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    I am Jewish if you must know... homosexual not last time I checked.. and the picture was erased by a moderator. I really liked it :(
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    So you are a JEW.
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