Forex is predictable.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I will post here my analyses and forecasts of some of the currencies (Euro, US Dollar, British Pound, Swiss Frank, Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar, etc.)

    I'll be happy if you share your analysis and forecasts here. No rules :)

    Good luck.
  2. This could be a top. And this week we could have a very nice opportunity for being short.

    You can see some more details here:
  3. On the surface, it seems like you're just looking for a way to grab free trade calls...:confused:
  4. No, in time you'll see

  5. Funny thing about traders, at least ET-type traders: They all tell others they are damned fools for buying signals or education, or whatever from others, and then they turn around and slap you if your try to get some signals or education or whatever help for free.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

    At any rate, the OP may be looking for free calls, but more likely he is hoping to show some good calls and induce others to pay for said calls in the future.

    My own two cents:

    1) Don't be a damned fool and pay someone else for his signals, and

    2) Don't be such a cheapskate and mooch others for signals - go buy your own darned signals why don't you?
  6. good intraday opportunity. Appropriate first target around 0.91455
  7. I would place my stop at 0.92140. It depends on your risk management. The first target is the same.
  8. Only if you buy them without a free trial :)

    I would happily pay a consistently profitable signal service a few hundred bucks a month, it would save time analysing charts myself.

    The problem is there aren't any consistently profitable signal services, they're all scams!
  9. Stop moved at 0.92056
  10. I'm doing a free trial of Increasenow's High Energy !Bang! alert service ... I'll let you know how it goes. Its been tough lately, because first he says he'll post his alerts here, and then he disappears, and you find he is now posting his alerts there. Heck of a way to run an alert service.
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