Forex is a sea of money

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    Walter O'

    Forex is a sea of money where opportunity calls. It is the greatest fiscal market where currency are traded at their present price. Traders need to keep up two or three a qualities and should be skilled for trading. A trader ought to use stop setback and take advantage while trading since mishap is open in the market that is the reason we should not charge the market.
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  2. Tradex


    True, if the trader knows how to "swim".

    Otherwise he will drown.

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    Forex whore. How much they paying you to spam?
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    Welcome to my marvelous ignore list.
    You're going to befriend Padu, Dozu and the kind.
  5. Forex? No thanks, I'm having way too much fun with my fake money Bitcoin.
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    Spamming is the sending of unsolicited emails for the purpose of commercial advertising, clearly not the case here.

    And why is Forex trading (by far THE most liquid financial instrument in the world) bad again?
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  7. Forex is not a bad market. But in my opinion it is the hardest market to trade successfully. And I've traded stocks, commodities, bonds, crypto as well as FX over 25 years.
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    Backtests show that the currency market is the best trending market, followed by the bonds and interest rates markets, so I don't know why you believe that Forex is "hard" to trade.
    Could you please elaborate?
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    Largely unregulated however. So, does not that pose a risk for the small independent trader who has not deep enough pockets to retain lawyers?
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    I have been trading the Forex for years without any problems at all.
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