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    Hi all. Idea is to bring some chart ideas. Some of you know me from stock hornal and I'm going to move some ideas on futures and currency xharts so all ideas, comments can be helpfull. Thank you all for future cooperation.

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    Nice move.
    Here is reason why I use this area for possible target area. That is equal move resistance area. There are more room for move up to previous high on the daily chart from 06/25/2008 at 108.411 and to 108.500 area. Right now we can see consolidation again at 60 min chart what can resilt with another move up.

    I just wake up. I live in Croatia and I have strange living time but hope someone will find this useful.


    p.s. English is not my first language so apologies for misstakes
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    CHFJPY 60 min trade no loss trade. Good start
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    11:32 am ET

    Those who are in CHFJPY trade. This 15 min chart and oportunity to add position. It will be best if will stay in base until 10sma (brown) or 20sma (blue line). If will break above 20sma then setup will be canceled. Setup is under base
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    13:53 pm ET

    30 min triangle. Resistance area is previous daily high. Above red arrow is buy under blue arrow is stop. If will break under stop area before setup, then call is cancelled because pattern isn't valid anymore

    good luck
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    CHFJPY didn’t do much but at least it is breakeven trade. Breakdown pace was not very nice and didn’t follow initial selling pace

    USDJPY same situation. After breakup we didn’t saw any buying pace and despite of that we can see rounding highs action. In case like this I use 10 /20sma as exit area so after all it was not big loss

    EURJPY did best and reached target area. Not much to say about that. We can see how 20sma (blue line) can be good resistance/support area for trend determination.

    Here are few ideas for today:

    USDCAD daily chart will be on watch list for possible 3rd breakup. Alos we can see consolidation at highs on the 60 min chart what will be initial time frame for trading plan.

    GBPCHF is something what I’m following right now. 60 min continuation pattern and 15 min consolidation. Setup is under low and stop above 60 min small bar.

    Good trading.
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    This is chart what I was looking for. It is in previous post.

    reason why I like EURUSD chart is bottoming process (rounding bottom) and strong daily/weekly support area. On the daily chart that is 50/100sma support area nd on the weekly chart that is 10/20sma support area. After strong move down it was expectable to watch for reversal and in rounding lows I always looking for stronger bounce from low and consolidation after that (base, flag or triangle). That will bring me low risk setup. It was same with EURUSD chart.

    Here is chart explanation:

    Blue line is rounding bottom process. Red lines are consolidation after bounce from low. It is important (for me) to see that bounce pace is much stronger then consolidation pace what is good start for possible good continuation move..

    This is EURUSD chart now.


    For this one the patience was key. It was slow but reached target area and bounced after that. Look how bounce now is stronger then selling pace. I will watch for consolidation after this bounce for long setup on the 15/30 min chart.

    Good trading
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