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  1. I don't hear much about forex hedge funds. Is there a reason for this? I was pondering on the idea of starting a forex incubator fund to have a 1 to 2 year audited performance record. I would love to hear any and all comments on this from traders or investors or perhaps from someone who is thinking of the same? Much appreciated.
  2. New York ( – Swiss banking group SYZ & CO has launched the OYSTER ForExtra Yield EUR, a new sub-fund of its OYSTER Funds SICAV. There are five currencies selected for trade, the Brazilian real, the Indian rupee, the Polish zloty, the South African rand and the Turkish lira.
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  4. Yeah as far as risk/reward. I know I can make 50-100 % or more in a single trade but that is taking too much risk. So my goal would be to achieve that 50-100% or LESS return per year. Objective is to keep risk as low as possible.

  5. You're going to want to look up "Global Macro" hedge funds. That is how they are known in the business.
  6. We have lately registered a Forex Hedge Fund in 5 weeks.

    Administrator, regulatory authority, auditor, lawyers, prime broker ( Forex ), custodian, ISIN number.

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  7. How much did it cost you?
  8. I don't know any multimillionaires so even if I have an impeccable track record, who would I show my performance to? ...... ??????
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