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  1. Must be a mistake, because each tick would be 12.50 Euro's.
  2. Logically, it could only be 12.50 Euros.

    It's incredible the CME made such a big mistake on this basic info.
  3. When i trade 6E on Globex, the P/L is dollars and you make or lose 12.5 US dollars per tick.
  4. Below would be 12.50 Euro's per tick.

    "The CME Euro FX controls 125,000 Euros and the E-Mini Euro FX controls 62,500 Euros"
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    Must be a mistake, because each tick would be 12.50 Euro's.

    Take case euro/dollar =1:1

    one lot is 125000 euro =125000$

    one tick is 12.5 $

    after that think some ... about base and quote currency

    your respectfully
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    Yes, something here is incredible. Don't know what the poor Merc would do without sharp-eyed guys like you watching over them constantly.
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    Try this trade, on paper and/or on a calculator:

    buy to open 1 Euro FX @1.5340 (position value = 125,000 x 1.5340 = $191,875.00);
    sell to close 1 Euro FX @1.5341 (position value = ... = $191,887.50).

    What's the gross P/L, ignoring commissions?

    And there's your futures tick value. Hope this helps.

    To ensure that you've mastered the material, now repeat this simple exercise for the GBP/JPY future (1 contract = £125,000).
  8. I figure it's a simple typo that got by the proofreader and the $ will be changed to € once they pick up the mistake.
  9. Your calculations are completely wrong, but the concept is right:

    125,000 Euros x 1.5340 $/Euro equals $191,750
    125,000 Euros x 1.5341 $/Euro equals $191,762.50

    So, yes, 1 pip in a 125,000 Euros contract equals USD $12.50
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