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  1. TradeBolt, please excuse the interruption,

    I would be interested to be able to read Oanda's account summary fields from their platform and execute basket trades from them based on their readouts.

    Account Summary:

    Unrealized P/L
    Net Asset Value
    Margin Call
    Realized P/L
    Margin Used
    Margin Available
    Margin Percent
    Position Value

    Michael B.

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  2. tight spreads and small/flexible transaction sizes.

    The only problem I see is that they charge $600/month for their API. Not sure - in case you would add them to your list - if this charge would also apply to Tradebolt users, in which case I would be less interested.

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  3. TradeBolt

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    Hi guys

    When we connect to Oanda, basket trading will not be a problem with them. It is quite a simple program to set up your basket in an Excel spreadsheet for instance. A few lines of code and the click of a mouse, and the Universal Link can send the orders to TradeBolt for execution.

    When we connect to Oanda, we would be paying the API fees ourselves. At this stage in the process, I am unable to say whether there would be fees to use TradeBolt with Oanda or not.

    Is there anything else I can help you with?

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  4. You have me as a beta tester...if you wish. But I cannot disclose how I trade...

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  5. TradeBolt

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    Thanks, ElectricSavant.

    We wouldn't ask you to disclose anything about your strategies. They would run on your machine, so they're completely secure.

    We will post an announcement when Oanda becomes available.

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  6. Awesome...

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  7. leveragefx

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    I wouldn't hold you breath, Oanda doesn't have an Introducing Broker program. Gain does and pays IBs a pip. They also have a 1.5 pip wider spread than Oanda on Euro and 2.5 to 3 pip higher spread on GBP and CHF. It's definitely not free as if you trade a lot these higher spreads can cost you 5k to 20k a year!
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  8. fibo618


    If you trade that much, you can try Gain Pro which only has a 1.5 pip spread on the Euro.
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  9. leveragefx

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    Most of the traders I teach trade that much as we are in and out with 5 to 10 pip profits 6 to 10 times per day. Low risk, high probability scalping is my main trading system and also have a tool I use that finds statistical high/low of the day and catch 10 to 20 pip moves from there. I've never tried Gain Pro but will take a look. Thanks

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  10. TradeBolt

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    Hi guys

    Fibo actually has a good point, here. Gain Pro has very tight spreads, sometimes as low as 1 pip on the Euro, and there are still NO fees for using TradeBolt!

    Gain Pro does have some account and trade size restrictions. More details can be found on their website, here.

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