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    Yes, I am definitly entering the Forex market. I have liked what I see about Tradebolt itself, but I'm not sold on the current set of Forex brokers available through Tradebolt. (I'm being extra picky about what Forex brokers I'll deal with.) That's my one sticking point.

    Like you say, maybe in a few months the Forex broker selection will include one I am willing to use. I'll just keep watching.

    Thanks! :)
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  2. TradeBolt

    TradeBolt TradeBolt, LLC

    Hi Bootize

    Are you an institutional trader or a retail trader? What is it about our current brokers that fail to meet your criteria?

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  3. Nick hi, I don't use tradebolt, I have my own systems. But it looks to me as if they are a kind of sort of an I/B. And if that is the case, the better question would be, how much more does tradebolt add to the spread. Now since they say they add nothing on top, this means they are taking a small rebate from their brokers so that they can make some money at what they do. Really nothing suspicious about this at all. That is how an I/B should work. Bolt, if I am wrong about this let me know.

    The ever venomous VIPER
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  4. TradeBolt

    TradeBolt TradeBolt, LLC

    Hi Viper

    You're right that we do not affect Gain's normal costs in any way. TradeBolt is free to use with Gain Capital for forex trading.

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    Do you have compatability with "PFG Forex?" I couldn't find it on the Tradebolt site.
    #15     Aug 17, 2006
  6. TradeBolt

    TradeBolt TradeBolt, LLC


    We are currently online with PFG for other instruments, and we are in the final stages of development for PFG forex.

    So we will have that online very soon.

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  7. Bolt will your system work with the new protrader from PFG?

    #17     Aug 17, 2006
  8. TradeBolt

    TradeBolt TradeBolt, LLC

    Hi Viper

    Sorry for the delay on this answer. We were waiting to hear back from PFG before we posted anything.

    The short answer seems to be yes. If you have protrader running on the same account as TB and PFG, protrader will send orders to TB for execution at PFG.

    However, since protrader doesn't run strategies, we believe you would be better off simply placing manual trades through TradeBolt.

    Is there some feature of protrader that you would like to use that you would not get through TradeBolt?

    #18     Aug 18, 2006
  9. I'm currently using Tradebolt and am very happy with it. I hope you will add Oanda asap to your list of brokers.
    #19     Sep 4, 2006
  10. TradeBolt

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    Hi No Worries

    Thanks for the kind words!

    We are actively looking at Oanda as a broker to add to our list. Are you looking for something specific that Oanda offers?

    #20     Sep 7, 2006