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  1. I see forex trading is the height of fashion at the moment, A while ago it was e-minis before that it was nasdaq level 2 trading.

    Wonder what's next? I have been following thing's for so long I think I may have seen it all by now. Wonder how long before the forex craze burns out!:)
  2. I won't change, may be until 20 years later at least.
    Because Banks from early days , and Institution, larger
    hedge funds has already participated in spot forex
    since 1993 ,and more new retail traders coming in
    won't change anything about the movement

    P.S spot forex was much much more trendier from
    1981 to 1993.
    May be this is because of Introdution of Euro currency.
  3. I'm gonna stick to stock's and stock options as I like the way you can research a potential trade.
  4. Don't hold your breath! :D

    Money has been being traded for 1000s of years.

    In 1975(1970s?) the world moved away from the gold standard, currencies were "floated" and nations/banks/institutionals started trading forex amongst each other.

    Only wealthy individuals could access the Interbank at that time since standard trading lots (or, contracts) were so huge in size.

    As mentioned, technology brought this amazing market to the masses and just a few short years ago trade size was reduced even further so that now you can trade foreign currencies for as little as 1/100th of a penny per trade with no commission fees!

    Pull a penny out of your pocket, divide it up a hundred times and you can trade that in the forex.

    Though, I think that if retail forex does burn out it will be because of beginners getting bagged in the open market.

    Eventually, as word spreads of how extremely risky trading money is, the numbers of first time participants may reduce.

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  5. Forex is the latest, and you're right we've had emini's and qqq's and commodities and, well, some of us guys have tried it all and guess what? We return to equities because we have a winning record, say 1K a day, that we just can't make consistently with a small account in other instruments.

    I trade naz stocks, and I go short. I have learned that good stocks, winners, whether long or short, are risky. Losers are much more predictable.

    Let me try to add something specific to this post so that I don't just bla bla like most posts....... one way to look for losers is to go to the free site
    and look for the bottom 100 performers. Make your picks, say, 5 stocks, and short the bastards.

    Try it on a paper trade basis while you do your regular thing, and see how you do.

    It is beautiful here in the south of France this time of year.

    Jean Maurice Fortier
    Villefranche sur mer
  6. With Forex, such as the EUR/USD pair, you only have to deal with one trade. And you can set your margin for a wide range of risk, from safer than stocks to more punch than options.

    Plus 24 hour trading 5 days a week.