Forex EA's how easy to crack?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by chipmunk, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I have heard that it is easy to Crack Forex EA's? Is this true? Is there any way to make them uncrackable?
  2. You live under a tree, this being the first time you use a computer?

    * EA's are simple in themselves, not complex, so reverse engineering is not that complex.
    * ANY protection mechanism for software that was EVER invented has been cracked, with enough interest even on the same day.

    Look at the fate of Windows activation, DVD copy protection, copy protection for any game around. Those copy protection thingies cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per title...
    ...and the cracks are out in a day.

    How exactly do you want to make something unbreakable when - well documented in public media - professionals all over the world...
    ...FAILED in doing so, fail in doing so (and will fail in doing so)?

    And again, it helps that most EA's are trivial programming wise - a lot more trivial than most game engines. As a result, someone can just look at the code and reconstruct them.
  3. thanks for your polite reply.......
  4. wasn't a friendly reply but it was actually a good reply which answered your question but could have been written in a friendly way.
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    Pardon my asking, but what is an "EA"?
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    Basically an automated strategy.

    The OP obviously has developped one, wants to sell it and is afraid of his customers just reverse engineering it.
  7. I don't know anything about api's and such but how about running the EA on a server and somehow linking it to subscribers platforms, that way only the trades are released and not the code. Maybe even expand it to any broker's platform via their api?

    If your EA works and you sell it then you can bet someone will reverse engineer it!
  8. Hi, I need to crack one EA and I would pay for that. Do you know someone can help me?
    Thanks a lot.