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Discussion in 'Forex' started by Brandonf, Aug 19, 2010.

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    Over the last 16 months I have promoted some of the top Forex E/A's on the market, generating sales of over $3million in the clickbank marketplace.

    I'm currently looking for some new coders who are familiar with writing E/A for the metatrader platform to partner with on a new product launch.

    If this is of interest to you please PM me.

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    I'm not interested in any platform aside from Metatrader btw, so if you don't know how to code for Metatrader, I won't be interested.
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    A few people have asked how much profit one single EA will make.

    It depends upon a few things. The most important question is if it's going to be a launch of a week or so and then never sold again, or will it be something available to the market all the time.

    If its available to the market all the time then the sales will be less on a day by day basis, but much more over time. If its a launch, then sales can be very large over the course of a week or so, and then go down.

    I am willing to work out some sort of profit split with the right programmer.

    Sample of a launch here.
  4. Brandonf

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    and here is an example of a product that sells every day.
  5. Hi Brandon,
    We've never met but I've been following your 'career' for quite a few years - mainly your threads in ET.

    I don't know how much of the stuff written is B/S (and quite frankly I don't care), but I just wanted to say that as a PLF guy and someone who admires Jeff Walker immensely, it was great to hear about your successes as a PLM.

    Clearly the Launch business is working out for you :)

    I'm currently working on a couple of trading related products that I'm going to launch PLF style - Would be interested in discussing the idea of a JV with you.

    Please PM if you are interested.

  6. Brandon, hit me up if you're interested in possibly doing a JV.

    I've got a few promising EAs.

    These are real trading strategies, not the typical EA marketing trickery.
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  7. I wish I could pay you guys to write something for the public domain here in ET. But ET is not my website and it would not be my place to do it.

    If you guys ever have any EA's that are reasonably profitable but not quite good enough for your needs and that you have abondoned ...Well if you want to share something for the readers here in would be great.

    Ok...I will quit begging now ☺ But really don't you think ET is great and don't you want to give something?

  8. Hi Brandonf

    I've made an EA based on my observations of certain FX markets at certain times of day (I work in the industry and have screens in front of me all day) , which has been consistently profitable.

    I'm unable to PM or email you, please PM me a way to contact you as I am interested in your proposal.

  9. I have a guy I use from he is overseas and charges about $14 HR and can finish even the most complex stuff I threw at him in about 2-4 hours I still shake my head at that.

    just reply if you still need one.
  10. x75


    I have some coding requirements for an EA, initially for Meta trader.
    I've been burnt slightly by someone who wasn't up to the job, so any suggestions (oDesk?) would be gratefully received.
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