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Discussion in 'Forex' started by elomich, Sep 8, 2009.

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    Is Forex really a difficult market to trade versus, say, Corn or S&P futures? If you think so, why? Please don't reply with anything along the lines that Forex is a scam.
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    Do a search. There's a million threads like this. Some say yes. Others, no.
  3. Depends on leverage. At 2:1 forex is a joke, at 200:1 it is suicide.
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    I searched but was unable to find anything. If you could link be to a thread I'd appreciate it.

    Can you explain leverage a little bit more please?

    Thank you.
  5. what have you been trading currently or are you still trying to find the market with the best oppertunities??
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    I've been trading Forex for years, I just wanted to get some perspective on it. If it is as hard as people keep telling me, I think I can make better money elsewhere.
  7. you should start lookin into option/futures on forex great liquidity for some currencies and the binarys are always a great play.. as for commodities never really dabbled only a couple sugar oil plays here and there
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    I don't have much interest in options but thanks anyway. As far as futures go, I've traded them on the Euro. I think the difficulty level between the futures and the EUR/USD is about equal, I can't imagine how it could be anything else. That goes for my style, maybe not a shorter-term one.
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    Still hoping someone will have some insight as to whether or not Forex is more difficult to trade than other markets, and if so why? If not, I'll go away.

  10. If you need another persons opinion this badly, how will you ever decide to buy or sell?
    There is no better "insight" than being "inside".
    In other words, go open an account and try it.
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