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  1. Global FX Remote Group, LLC a leading Day Trading Firm that specializes in the trading of the SPOT FOREX Market conducts weekly seminars on the trading positions available at our firm and information on how the FX market trades each thursday at our office.

    Tonight only we have a guest speaker Professor Leslie K. Mcnew of the Tulane University A.B. Freeman school of business who will be talking about developing a Viable Trading Plan. Professor Mcnew will be coming to our office each month.

    We have a few spots left for tonights seminar. If you would like to attend please email us at

    Professor Mcnew will be coming in each month so if you would like to attend the next seminar she will be conducting email us your interest and we will reserve you a spot for the next time she is in NYC.
  2. Can you post transcripts?
  3. papertrade for a month?
  4. We are full for this coming thursday but have openings for June 3rd.

    email for more info.

    learn to trade the right way.
  5. don't you make traders papertrade for a month? how do you expect someone to pay the bills papertrading??
  6. would you rather be in the hole trying to dig yourself out?

    You have to crawl, walk,jog and THEN run my friend.

    Hey, you can always trade your own money at our office.
  7. paper trade WHILE paying your desk fee????
  8. So you train, learn the market and then go off and trade your own account?

    Doesnt seem fair to us, free training?

    Most dont do this and the $500 a month doesnt even compensate us, just pays some bills.

    Compared to some of the bogus courses out there for 2k and 2 you get the desk for 12 hours a day for a month PLUS get the training for free!

    You can even trade stocks while you learn the FX market.

    There is no other office like this in the entire NYC areaor even the U.S.

    Please let us know how this is an unfair deal
  9. Seems somewhat fair, however, other trading firms that train (obviously not fx) do not charge a desk fee while they train you for free, and even some pay you- they are interested in quality of talent, not quantity (paying customers).

    I think a great deal for both sides could be achieved by training prop students free of desk fee, until they are ready to trade on their own. They are paying out of their own pocket to get there and put in the time- you, on the other hand are investing your knowledge (time as well) into someone who will help pay bills ($500 desk fee) and hopefully creating income in fx for you.

    It seems as if you have a well operating plan as is with many interested parties (of varying quality), however, time will tell.

    Best wishes,
  10. seems like the kickbacks you get from your fcm should be enough to help you pay your bills.....
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