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  1. Someone on ET recommended a while back ForexCSV as a free source for historic exchange rates. I don't have a link to their web site any longer but have been running their Data Downloader to bring in what I need. However, it stopped working on January 1. Does anyone know how to get this data going again or know of another source? What I want is daily rates on the majors that I can put in Excel. Thanks.
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  3. and are the same data.
  4. but spikes and gaps that occur in real-time are part of business. If you smooth the edges out then that historical data is not historical data anymore. It's more like reading a Dianne Steel novel. It's all fake.
  5. but the point of studying historical charts is to see how your method would perform, assuming the historical charts unfold as realtime data. If a spike occurs during an open position. That makes a difference between winning or losing.

    here's the Yen. You don't think these spikes would have affected a trading system? I think it would. I dunno though, maybe we're thinking of two different things.
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  6. pimer... ahhh, now I know who you are :) You're the same guy I get the moderators to delete, yes it's me. No wonder you're so defensive, you're an advertiser.

    There are free sources of good historical data. The members here know about it, so there's no need for your posts here. Don't let the door hit your butt as you leave.
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    Does this program crash for anyone else?
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    It used to work great - now it crashes on me every time...
  9. Used to crash only one fourth of the time when it worked. Now always crashes for me after downloading data.
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