Forex Data For Trade (ebs / Reuters)

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by Daxspreader, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. Hi All

    A while back I asked if anyone can get hold of EBS and/or Reuters data.

    Well to cut a long story short, i used a sledgehammer to crack a nut and have hosted connections to both of these venues now, and save down the data daily.

    Looking to trade this high quality tick data (microsecond stamped) with the same sort of data with anyone that saves down their own data from CME, LIFFE, EUREX or anywhere else interesting.

    PM me!


  2. K1000o


    Hi, have u found something?, I reaaaallly need historical data. I would appreciate any hint.


    Hi, Daxspresder. I too need these fx from EBS and Reuters, only dealing quotes (in the Eikon platform it *** =EBS and *** = D2, but they aren't available to ordinary natural persons.) I will be grateful to you if you prompt where to take them or whether it is possible to buy them from you?
  4. I am sure you know but I like to make you and others anyway aware of the fact that your offer blatantly violates any service level agreement you must have signed with the data providers you received the data from, unless you actually obtained the data illegally in the first place and also violated end-user agreements. Bloomberg, Reuters, EBS, and most every other professional data feed strictly prohibits any of its users from distributing the data to other users, whether in exchange for money or not. It also prohibits the usage of such data unless you yourself paid for it. You want to be careful but in any case you are at the very least already operating in the grey zone if not illegally. I hope you are aware of that.