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    I'm looking to trade currencies for a prop firm, private equity firm, or whatever other title they go by. I do not have a license (series 7 or whatever equivalent in some other countries). I would prefer an international prop firm (based outside of USA), but it really doesn't matter if they allow remote access to trade. I do use automation, mainly through metatrader 4 but it can be ported to other platforms if absolutely necessary. Anything special to look out for in terms of salary or pay conditions? Trading conditions, etc.

    I've already come across one: based out of Australia. They accept strategies via Interactive Brokers or mt4-based trade copying. They have made special arrangements for successful traders that do not have license to still be able to trade funds. You get paid a cut of the management fee and performance fee. You are told what kind of drawdown is max, etc, but you can otherwise trade however you like. I'm looking for several more of these type of arrangements.

    I do also trade private accounts, but I am mainly looking to increase the amount of capital under management, so to speak.

    Thanks in advance.
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