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  1. Does anybody have a Forex video or course to sell? Or know of any inexpensive Forex live courses?
  2. Anyone have a Futures video for sale? PM me
  3. Jimmy Young has a online forex trading course (199 dollars).

    P.S. I don't know Jimmy Young, but I suppose he's OK.
  4. We offer various FX courses for new as well as experienced traders.

    We have many different programs that best suite any type of a trader.

    You can take the course independently on line or you can take it in our office.

    The benefit of taking the course in our office is you get hands on experience with everything you learn throughout the course, as you will be sitting side by side and interacting with live experienced FX traders.

    The cost of the on line course and the course you take in our office is the same.

    For qualified individuals we offer job placements if course taken in our office.

    PM me or call our office.
  5. You can read some q and a sessions with Jimmy on Pretty good stuff. And he has a new one next week.
  6. There's an online course for $100 available from . I have not seen it myself, but I have seen very complimentary comments about it from various members of other internet forums.
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