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  1. ssss



    Any person from ET participated in forex contests?

    one is by King of the mini ,1000$ minimum

    FXCM King of he mini stated personal stated ,that each month 4000 operators eligible automaticaly

    second by interbankfx 250$ account eligible ,some 500 participants .

    Author performed training with different forex software's
    and suspect interbankfx mt4 worster as fxcm from point of view
    usability and &

    Relevant comment would appreciated
  2. Cambist


    It was more than 8 months ago, but I won FXCM's "mini-mogul" contest once. Each week, the top 3 traders won a cash prize. I took first place for one of the weeks and was credited $1,500 to my account. It was pretty sweet :D

    Ooops, just realized it was's contest I won so I guess this isn't applicable.
  3. ssss


    And 1500 $ you can not win solely ...