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    So looking around other forex forums, I'm seeing is a big no-no? Is this true or have I just seen the rants of a few disgruntled people? I'm also checking out IBFX right now and I'm really like the MT4 platform. Is IBFX any good either?
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    I don't think I have ever seen anybody recommend Check Ikon Royal.
  3. Why don't you use the Broker link and see what people are saying about brokers? If they are not mentioned, then they are probably not much of a player.
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    So Alpari is not one of the brokers which has reviews posted. Does that mean they are not good or that Elite Trader rather not hurt their sponsor relationship with Alpari? :D has very wide spread in most pairs AND I've read a lot of bad stories about them, everywhere on the net. I would stay away.
  5. I have used thru tradestation and I think they are terrible. Now I use gft which is pretty good as well as mb trading for forex. The latter is an ecn model that charges commission its ok. So I have atleast a backup. Just get used to one and stick with it, dont just go for the lowest spread, I did and you pay in other ways. Go for security of your money first and foremost and stability of the system and then somewhere down the lsit worry about spreads. I guess if you want to scalp go for oanda or maybe hotspot mb or IB they are all ecn models except oanda but it has decent spreads. All brokers are going to have there weird spikes and delays and what not, beleive me the grass is not always greener, i though it was but. Find a decent place and stick with it. You can see from some of the forex threads, no one is crazy happy about there broker but if your money is safe and they are decent thats the best we can ask for , for now. Just my two pips, and for the record I am fairly new to forex, not trading just forex. Thanks
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    Yeah, I too, have had probs with Gain through Tradestation. Would stay away from them if I were you.
    Weird spikes, terrible customer service.
  7. I've been demo trading with IBFX since March and just opened my demo account with them. No problems to report with them, the MT4 platform is good, and they are pretty responsive. We'll see how they are now that they have my money.:(
  8. by the way, I actually visted their offices in Salt Lake City and got a tour around and spoke to one of the marketing guys.
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    I have used Gain for just over 2 years now and have found them to be pretty reliable when using thier software (I have not used others to go through them like tradestation). I have never had any problems except in the last week thier platform has been very patchy.

    Now as of today @ 1919hrs EST there all of thier platforms appear to be down. This has certainly blown my confidence out of the water in regards to them.

    This is just my most recent experience. If you want to open an account then you may have to factor this in. As a market maker I don't think they have an excuse but rather an obligation to keep their platforms running, after all thats one of the reasons you pay a market maker extra for...realiability.
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    Logged on to all of platforms today at 2303 EST and guess what......they are all down again. There can be no excuses of "too much volutility now, hardly anyone traders at this time of day.
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