Fined $100K By NFA

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Pocketjacks, May 20, 2007.

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  3. wow ... is part of the gain capital group

    which in my mind was one of the most reputable forex brokerage firms
    out there

    hopefully they have made the proper changes on their end to avoid this kind of thing in the future
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  5. Im glad to see the NFA has started to enforce rules on forex dealers. Gain is a marketing machine and an obvious first recognizable target.

    That said, Im sure everyone reading this post has read the complaint. Has anybody bothered to read the answer?

    GAIN is not doing anything different than other forex dealers, foreign and domestic. So, when will BigDoughFX open a US-based operation? Answer: they won't. BigDoughFX is legally allowed to create a false sense of security with clients. BigDoughFX is significantly more covert than GAIN.
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    ^+1. It seems like in 2007 the NFA is devoting more time and resources to tightening up and provide investor education in Forex.
  7. Why was it necessary to bold 3 mentions of the firm? You smell like a spammer
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    i really hope u are not serious.
  9. Sorry but I don't think I could trade at a firm called "BigDoughFX".
  10. What kind of unprofessional brokerage name is that, do yourself a favor and get a real brokerage. Like, CaChingFX or LeeHarveyOswaldFX.
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