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  1. Are there any free services that provide Forex bar charts with volume?

    This is just sort of a research project for the moment, so they needn't be real-time, delayed or historic is fine.

    Almost all the Forex charts I've seen do not have volume, unless of course, yuo're willing to pay someone for the volume info.

    Thanks for any help!

    Has a volume button at the top. It looks very fake however, the same pattern keeps repeating over and over. I'm not sure how they calculate the volume.
  3. DBC/Esignal's GTIS feed offers HotSpot FX price/volume data for an additional charge.
  4. I'm fairly certain that any volume indicator from any chart service for spot FX simply reflects the number of tick changes per period.
  5. Not on Hotspot.
  6. So where would one find this volume data on HotSpot FXr or FXi (I use both)?
  7. The sell the data, but ironically don't offer it to clients who clear FX or FXi. You will need to subscribe to GTIS with the HotSpot data add-on. > GTIS > HotSpot
  8. No mention of HotSpot volume data anywhere I checked. Google came up dry too.

    Could you post a direct link?
  9. "Almost all the Forex charts I've seen do not have volume"

    That's because there is NO volume reporting mechanism in the Forex market. Forex is NOT a centralized exchange or market like Futures, etc.

    Anyone who claims to be reporting volume is offering useless data.
  10. It's also kind of scary that not many people knew this.
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