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  1. i'm a chartist, i admit it. i really find using the different patterns, trend lines, occasional indications... etc, to motivate the various trade decisions i use.

    now.. i have Oanda as a broker. great service, low spreads, however.. their software leaves something to be desired. for most people, it gets the job done.

    now, im looking for people out there in the forex world to suggest some good charting software.. it doesnt even have to have broker integration.. i simply want to draw my pretty lines all over the currencies and have it saved. anyone got an ideas?

    please list anything you've tried that you like.

    i've tried metatrader4.. i use this one a fair amount, since its free.. but im willing to branch out and possibly pay a decent monthly price for great stuff.

    lay it on me! thanks guys.
  2. For Forex... is best. The have quotes from over 200 Banks and Forex participants..

  3. Savant, he is talking about charting software. I personally use MetaStock which I am using with datafeed from fxcm. Great charting software with good drawing tools.
  4. Well then,

    The best combo but pricey would be Inverstor R/T with the E-
    Sig feed...
  5. You can use QuoteTracker to chart forex with either IQFeed or eSignal as the datafeed (since you don't have a brokerage account with one of our supported brokers)

    Jerry Medved
  6. May I ask how do you get FXCM data feed into Metastock?
  7. The bar's high is the highest of 200 sources and vice versa.
    So I see getting data feed from 200 sources is not a privilage. If you look at bars at time frames 15 min or less, you will see distorted long meaningless bars because of quotes variation amongst those 200 sources.
    I prefer only one source (my broker).
    Hani :)
  8. DUNNO

  9. Good information, I had no idea. I use daily bars, but have not tried E-sig. The broker I use has a Forum, and those folks said that E-Sig worked well, but if what you say is true, then intraday and scalping traders, will have a hard time.

    Michael B.

  10. I use Dynastore for fxcm which I use to feed both Omega ProSuite and MEtastock 8. Google for it, the instructions are also there.
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