Forex capital markets - Good, bad or???

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    I went for an interview there...and saw this chop shop fist hand...I was going to make markets for these pathetic losers..It was a disaster...something straight out of Boiler Room...Nice Web site...absolute shit...large large spreads...They are on 11 broadway crammed into a small dungeon like office...with shitty IKEA furniture and sloppy painted walls....
  3. I know some guys who trade through it for sometimes. They all complained the system wasn't stable but didn't say any thing about the spreads. Is it really so bad?
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    Thanks for the feedback....sure is nice to be able to avoid a disaster before it happens...:p

    PS - Boiler Room - one of my favorite movies! Wouldn't want to experience it firsthand though...
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    IMHO if you are satisified with them not being CFTC registered, oanda is pretty much unbeatable.

    The rest pale in comparison.

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    20:1 leverage on my account, with 30:1 as an option???!!!

    Wowie-Zowie!! I'd better know what I'm doing!!!:D
  7. That's normal in fx markets. FXCM offers 100:1 leverage. And in some instances 200:1.


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    I am suddenly reminded of someone's signature that goes something like....

    ...a professional thinks about how much there is to lose:(

    with my funds if I were to trade FX spot

    I currently trust IB for my FX futures via the globex
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    Signed up for the 30 day trial, just checked on my "positions" at 11 PM (Hawaii time) - incredible....when do I get a chance to go to sleep???
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