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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by t_hoyle, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. t_hoyle


    I am currently looking at all the different options of brokers. I have an account at IB but seems like i can get a better deal somewhere else.

    I currently use NinjaTrader to put on my positions as its a auto trading strategy.

    I am looking for a

    Commision free
    Low Pip spread
    NinjaTrader connect
    I am Canadian

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help find relevant brokers.
  2. Ignore the Dan guy posting.. not only did he miss that you use NinjaTrader, but he seems to only post about his broker in all 3 posts of his.

    You probably should check out the list of supported brokers off NinjaTrader's site since that's your requirement.

    IB's not bad as a start, few others will match them price wise as per options available to you for NinjaTrader..

    MBTrading's EXN for forex isn't bad cost wise, but sadly they don't open accounts for most provinces in Canada (they used to service Ontario, but stopped, I'm not sure if they started again or if they do Canada at all anymore, you'll have to ask them.)

    Few others on that list are in the same are as IB for total costs of trading.

    Hope that helps.