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  1. I know GFT Forex has 45 min. charts but does anyone here know of anyone else? Most platforms I've tried have either 30 min. or 60 min. options. **** GM can do 45 if you click to customize it but the charts on their platinum platform seem weird to me (and no black background).
  2. Ensign might have them, or if they don't I'm sure they would consider adding them, the whole package with free FXCM forex price feed is only $50 per month. Plus there are a lot of extras like a playback feature, Pesavento patterns, a 'map' similar to GFT's ($500 per pair per month!!) Foresight-AI tool, and loads of indicators etc etc. Might be worth a look and free trial.
  3. who is your broker? SierraChart is compatible with a few forex brokers (maybe yours?) and you can set the charts to anything you want. Any multiple of minutes/seconds/hours, any combination of ticks, constant range charts, and volume charts (not applicable to forex).

    You can do a free 30 day demo. And after that depending on what features you want it's like $15-30 per month.

    I don't work for them or anything, I just think it's the best platform available. There's a billion indicators (if that's your thing) and there are two options to create your own (either in an Excel-based spreadsheet (easy) or in C++ (harder, unless you're a programmer)).
  4. I second the Ensign recommendation.

    The Pesavento patterns proprietary indicator is golden.
  5. If 45min. are a must have or die try

    If needs be you can customize the minutes on the charts to whatever you like. (i.e. 17 minutes, 22 minutes etc.)
  6. Great isn't it, I couldn't believe the accuracy when I first saw it!

    And the Pesavento map, it's awesome to watch how that works out, here's some old ones from GFT's tool which is identical...


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    Maybe you can check with a metatrader programmer to shed some light on creating one for you.
  8. I used Ensign for a while just for that specific indicator. just came out with a indicator that is the same thing called 'Swing Fib Ratios' for those using eSignal.
  9. Use the period converter indicator in any MT4 package. Place it on a 1 minute chart, Under the common tab place a check in the allow DLL imports. Then go to the inputs tab and next to period multiplier put the timeframe that you want, for 45 minutes change it to 45.

    MINIMIZE the 1 minute chart, do not close it. Then got to file, open offline, and select the same currency that shows for example; EURUSDm,M45. You can then load whatever template you want. The drawback is you have to do this for every pair you want this for...

    Search for it on Forex Factory or Forex-TSD, you should be able to find it easy enough. I use it for two minute charts with no issues....Hope this helps.

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