Forex Brokers Q1 2012 Profitability Report

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    Total number of active US forex accounts grew by modest 120 accounts (increase of 0.12%)

    TradeStation/IBFX merged their figures starting this quarter and showed the biggest increase in number of accounts

    GFT and OANDA keep battling for the first place in terms of clients profitability, this quarter GFT has the upper hand

    This quarter’s profitability dropped for the first time since Q2 2011

    OANDA is still the largest broker when measuring US forex accounts only

    US retail forex industry was back growing, if only a little, in Q1 2012 and US forex brokers were able to slightly increase the number of their clients. On the other hand overall profitability of clients dropped by 2.8% on average and 1.9% in weighted average for the first time since Q2 2011. Considering that Q1 2012 was not a volatile quarter this is somewhat surprising but then Q3 2011 was very volatile and profitability still increased so the correlation may be low.

    CitiFX Pro revealed its numbers for the first time, just like Interactive Brokers did last quarter, number of accounts is low but when considering the average account size, which is probably as big as what dbFX had: ~$50,000 on average, the overall result is impressive.
  2. Just want to make sure I've got this right.

    Does it mean 60 to 70 percent of the accounts are losing money?