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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by MiamiHurricanes, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. The purpose of this thread is to make an organizational point that the Forex Brokers Forum is getting too fragmented.

    For example, recently the primary thread that discussed Interactive Brokers IDEAL Pro FX was "IB new forex spreads". Another extensive thread has been "IB or Oanda or ????" It was quite efficient to be able to search through one of these larger threads to acquire information about broker quality and developments. One could use the search tool and odds where some content would be found in these large threads. additionally, one could skip through the many pages of these large threads or review them in greater detail.

    Now there are too many threads that cover aspects an larger topic. There are many splintered threads for both Interactive Brokers and Oanda.

    Proposal: Try to post on the larger original threads and perhaps they can be renamed. Adding to the threads that have been around for while and have a lot of content already may prevent this forum from fragmented to the point where it is too difficult to use.

    Bottom Line: Try to add to a "Broker X" forum, not starting "Broker X Topic A", "Broker X Topic B", "Broker X Topic C", "Broker X Topic D", "Broker X Topic E"... For Interactive Brokers and Oanda perhaps we can continue to add to "IB new forex spreads" and "IB or Oanda or ????". Also, perhaps some recent threads can be tacked onto these larger threads.

    Just some comments to make things easier for everyone- Comments appreciated.
  2. I think it is good idea, but it also has some negative side.

    The negative side is that where the thread is extensively lengthy then by the time one goes through 100 or more posts is likely to miss some points about certain brokers, where as on a new thread the point will be straight there.

    Ofcourse sometimes it may be pointless thread.

    My opinion is that when the thread is fresh one may get attention and answer faster, thus I am happy the way the forum currently is, but the decision is yours!!!
  3. Those are excellent points - I was thinking a lot about the organic/evolution related aspects of information sharing on the internet when writing this up.

    2 possibilities that would be great:

    Primary Thread: "Broker X"
    Sub Thread 1 "Broker X Topic A"
    Sub Thread 2 "Broker X Topic B"
    Sub Thread 3 "Broker X Topic C"
    Sub Thread 4 "Broker X Topic D"


    Primary Thread: "Topic A (Such as Platform Reliability/Outages"
    Primary Thread: "Topic B"
    Primary Thread: "Topic C"
    Primary Thread: "Topic D"
    .... and people can post about their views and experience from various brokers under these primary threads.


    carry on as is works well enough to get right to a specific point, although I still see that there is missed content. For example, if someone wants to ask about spreads on Broker X they may start a new thread or post on a small recent thread when there is volumes already posted on some of the larger, longer running threads...
  4. This forum is very good, so any changes that may take place I have no doubt will make it even better.
  5. You know I looked at it few times, and I like the idea of Broker X and then threads A,B,C.

    Its like a book with contents, definetly very good idea and organized in a very neat way.

    Me personally support it.