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    I've been trading on a demo account with for the past month just to try some methods. I'm looking into opening a mini forex account in the near future but haven't been able to find a broker that I like. I know Oanda is very respected on this board because of the tight spreads but they only offer 50:1 leverage and i wasn't that satisfied with their demo or "game" as they call it. is nice but i'm not sure how reliable it is and the software looks pathetic. What would you recommend for someone that is new to forex trading and wants to open a mini account? I’m looking for good leverage 100-200:1 and most importantly a broker that is respected and not some shady unknown shop.
  2. You should check out WallStreet FX, i think their website is hope it's right! I tried their demo, it seem pretty good. they gave me 100:1 leverage for my mini account, i'll let you know how it goes
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  5. I think one of the most difficult part of forex is to find the suitable broker. I am also looking for one. Will let u know when I find one. Thanks to Refco which went bankrupcy. Lost some money with them.
    I am also looking for a broker who gives
    1. a leverage 200 to 400
    2. can hedge
    3. excutes defintely at stop & limt
    4. Allows to trade during the news.
    5. Less pip for the major currency 2-3
    6. Gives the interest rates