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    I am looking for a Forex broker with the following:

    - tight spreads

    - ability to apply one strategy to multiple accounts with one platform since I will be managing multiple accounts

    - be able to set up accounts using IRA funds to trade FX (i.e. Millenium Trust)

    - have the option of using their back office services to calculate client fees, p/l, statements

    - decent charting/techical analysis

    I have only found Gain Capital/ having the above although their spreads at 3/4 pips is wider than others.

    I haven't tested their platform to know if I like it. PM me with suggestions.
  2. There are a number of others that might fit the bill. Take a look at the brokers spreadsheet that Calculated Risk put together, with a specific focus on those offering multi-client interface as well as related features and services for managers. A work in progress, yet an excellent resource in your search.
  3. I don' t think fx trading can qualify under IRA. Although I may be wrong on that one but I believe I heard that somewhere.
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    I stand corrected!!!
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    Thanks! That's a nice spreadsheet. I'll study them and test drive some platforms and go from there.