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  1. Does anyone know of a place to get a Forex trading platform comparison? I've have it with Oanda and I want to switch.
  2. 0.9 EUR/USD spread, what's wrong with it? Is even cheaper than CME. Cant complain about that
  3. this is a great site for comparison:

    They have a list of platform reviews, Surprisingly enough (...) oanda's review puts them on 10th place .
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    Do you looking for Web based (with no software download) Trading Platfom, where you fund your account with credit card, wire transfer, paypal, western union..., or you have some special requirements...
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    What problem do you have with Oanda ?
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    I've been using MGforex for the past two months, and I like it their platform. Try demo accounts, and see which one you feel more comfortable with
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    I have been using Oanda for a few weeks and am happy with execution and spreads but they need to get on the ball and add some strategies like trailing stops.
  9. If you want to find really good broker look at , and
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    You are not the first one to complain.
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