Forex Broker and Scalping

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    Anybody knows a good (low spread) broker that allows scalping?
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  3. MB trading claims:

    No Deal Desk
    Unlike most FOREX trading firms, we do not have a deal desk in between you and your orders. We utilize Straight Through Processing (STP), sending your orders directly to various banks and eliminating the potential for a markup. STP also prevents instances where you may be re-quoted, which generally occur when it is in the deal desk's best interest to delay the execution of your order, acting against your best interests.

    Trading Never Restricted
    Trading is never restricted due to volatile markets, giving you all the available opportunities to open or close potentially profitable positions.

    No Trading Style Discouraged
    All trading styles are encouraged, including scalping! The trading style you choose is your decision and we will not interfere.
  4. You beat me to it 168

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    also try the adm's currenex from
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    Thanks <b>168</b>.

    Anybody knows if Oanda ok with scalping?

  7. Pipstar


    The last time I tried the MB Trading demo it seems they consolidate all your trades in the one position. If you open 5 trades they all become one trade on their tradestation and it just adjust your entry price by averaging. Therefore you cannot close your seperate trades for the same pair one by one.
    Clever, isnt it. If you can scalp like this, good luck.
  8. You might also look into IB and Hotspot FXr. Basically everyone who doesnt make markets themselfes. Thats no recommendation, i dont trade with either.
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    Just to correct Pipstar, you can close current open position in three ways in MB navigator:
    1) close the entire position
    2) close part of a position
    3) close all position

    option 2 is the one that allows you scale out ...

    But yes, they do consolidate the same currency pair into the same position giving you the average price.
    That sucks for some trading strategies.

    Good luck to you.

  10. When closing with partials what is the basis? first in- first out?

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