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  1. Dear Fellow Traders

    I have decided to start this thread for a number of reasons:

    1 - I have been monitoring this forum for the last 8 months while I have been a demo account warrior, and I have grown to greatly respect a number of the contributors.

    2 - I am about to take the almighty plunge, quit my job, and work as a full time FX trader.

    3 - Step number 2 is a major turning point in my life and I am sure there are many out there who are in the same boat as I. As you would well know, full time FX trading can be a lonely, stressful and difficult life - so why not remedy all these problems by following step 4.

    4 - In this thread - the brains trust - us fellow traders can assist eachother with any problems, accompany eachother trough the flat times and guide eachother during the hectic periods.

    In essence - this thread will be our office/boardroom/classroom.

    Besides, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. By assisting one another, who knows, in a year or so we could have our real life meeting at the Casino de Monte Carlo with the millions we have helped eachother obtain.

    So without making this opening message too long and scaring all the readers away - and in doing so leaving just myself in the brains trust, which would then lead to the immidiate removal of 'brain' out of the title - I will begin with the following question:

    I have chosen to go with FXCM as my broker. I have seen many more negative reviews than ones of the positive kind, but after 8 months of testing countless different platforms, I find that FXCM has the most reliable and user friendly platform while maintaining competetive spreads. Can any fellow trustess advise me if you think I am making a incredible stupid decision and why? If so what platform do you reccomend?

    Thankyou for lasting the distance with this, possibly, uneccessarily long message.

    I look forward to hearing from all of you!

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    Have you not read the threads from ex FXCM users on this site? Have you seen FXCM's ratings on this site as a broker? They are dismal at best!

    Experienced profitable traders know better than to use FXCM, let alone any broker with a dealing desk structure. Maybe you just need to learn the hard way and experience it firsthand.

    I dont know any forex broker that has been fined by the NFA and investigated by the justice department as many times as FXCM has.

    You have been warned.....

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  4. FXCM is BS. They basically told me for ten days that they had not received my funds yet when my bank said they already sent the funds. I had thousands floating around the system before they actually informed me that they received the funds.

    I seriously thought they robbed me the whole time.
  5. It doesn't matter who your broker is. Don't listen to people that would say otherwise. Just pick any broker and start trading.
  6. If that pisses you off you have a rough road ahead. Wait till they give you slippage of 40 pips for no reason or they didnt fill a winning postion for some BS reason. All forex brokers are scammers you just need to minimize the damage. you can argue with them but they just ignore you and they refer you back to an agreement contract which has every thing to there benefit.
  7. Funny, I now sort of trade for a living because I got fired tonight! Yay!

    Seriously, I am getting a mindless day job and trading asia and europe opens. Hopefully the mindless day job will have something to do with mindless girls, which were largely absent from my last position. Maybe Ill be a waiter...