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  1. Could someone please suggest advanced forex trading books. I have read Ed Ponsi, and was wondering if there is more trading strategy books.

  2. you need to read and "Day Trading the Currency Market" by Kathy Lien...
    also..."trading the Markets" by John Carter
  3. I enjoyed Bird Watching in Lion Country by Dirk du Toit, I think is the best Forex book I’ve read, you can downloaded for free.
  4. Try this one, The Currency Trader's Handbook by Rob Booker, it features money management strategies, trading systems and some others valuable data.
  5. ForeX Trading for Maximum Profit: The Best Kept Secret Off Wall Street. This book tended to provide the basic training for the series of books. I have noticed that there is sometimes a tendency for individuals to try and make a killing all at once. I am finding out that small incremental gains are the best method of using this information to gain monetary value.

  6. I must disagree.

    Following recommendations on here I read this book recently and it was awful.

    Most of the traders interviewed semed to be pretty cluless, pretty new to the business and most seemed to make less profit than could justify a full time career trading.

    Furthermore I do not really think that a newbie would learn anything from the messages conveyed that could help them apart from money managent is the key. I dont think it needs 300 pages to get that across. Indeed some of the traders seem to adopt practices that were not just a bit clueless but down right dangerous.

    Incidentally (and I fully expext to be told that all are now multi billionaires!) how many of these 'traders' still trade and are succesful?

    I have read some dross trading books but think this was the worst.

    My favourite book with respect to trading is Taleb's published in 2001.
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    Avoid Forex Trading for Maximum Profit: The Best Kept Secret Off Wall Street. This book is the biggest rip off, is completely useless and contains no useful trading information whatsoever. The book sells for $80 retail and is a complete waste of money.
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    get a trading coach or mentor instead.

    books don't know who you are.

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    I've read most of the books listed in this thread, the Ed Ponsi book was the best for pure strategy. I thought Carter was also very good. Rob Booker's book is very good, but it is a fictional tale, not a strategy book as listed earlier. Ms. Horner's book was just so-so, it does contain some elements of strategy, but it seems incomplete. Millionaire Traders is a pale imitation of "Market Wizards", you'd be much better off sticking with the original.
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