forex auto pilot robot myth or truth

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    i am in forex trading from the last 2 yrs . Yesterday it all looks like that i have wasted my 2 yrs understanding forex market. What I learned is trading on forex market is by far one of the most lucrative investment oppertunities available. To be a successful trader you have to know complex chart reading ,stay update for current news and events and stay awake at odd hours of the night, but someone told me that its all apply for those traders who dont have the knowledge about the latest available products in the market. Unfortunately I was one of those. yesterday,I saw FAP (Forex Auot Pilot) Robot, I thought its a myth, Its not Possible for a robot file to buy and sell currency with profit booking automatically. That means a newbie can make profit like a piece of cake. well I am still confused is it myth or truth
    If anyone suggest me that it really works or not so that i can purchase it and make unlimited profit out of it
  2. step right up and push the button.

  3. It must be true for the following reasons...

    1. The developer is so generous he wants everyone to share his wealth.

    2. Everyone using it gets the same signals but the forex market has almost unlimited liquidity so you are not competing for limited seats at the dinner table.

    3. Everything you read about making money in Fx without working for it is true.

    4. Dreams come true in America and the Internet lets everyone experience the American dream.

    By the way, I have a method for converting your car to run on water, an eBook on how to heal every disease by drinking water my way, and a foolproof way to beat Wall Street written by my grandmother who accidentally discovered it by breaking an ancient code carved into an Egyptian pyramid.

    Watch out for the launch of these products. I'll PM you.
  4. Nice affiliate link, asshole.

    I'd say ban this guy but he was just spamming his site to try and make an affiliate commission. That's why he used tiny URL to disguise the affiliate ID in the URL.

    Mods delete this thread so no noob buys that shitty software that doesn't work and makes this guy some money.
  5. Automated trading strategies aren't a myth, there are hundreds of black boxes ticking away. What is a myth though is that you'll find a profitable one for sale for $149!!

    This would be funny if it wasn't so sad to see gullible novices taken in by this garbage.