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  1. I was hoping that someone here could direct me towards a FX broker who offers an auto-execute feature. The broker I am dealing with now is absolutely incapable of providing a quick fill. During an important economic number, it can take MINUTES AND MINUTES before a trade is confirmed (or in most cases, requoted). I'm being requoted 20, 40, 70 pips from where I put my orders in, I am missing entire moves because of this negligence. I of course understand that it is not in the brokers' best interest to provide auto-ex, but I think I can do better than what I have. All I'm asking for is quick, fair fills. Any suggestions?

    I've heard it mentioned that GLOBEX is the way to go when trading currency. Anyone care to comment? Thanks. :D
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  3. Comments? Anyone??
  4. Go to

    Trades are instantaneous, and the Dealbook platform rocks.
    Good company.

    Happy hunting!
  5. Hello. Welcome to ET, and thank you for your post.

    GFT? Yes, a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL company...just straight-shooting, honest guys - especially those on the trade desk. Very nice platform indeed, but my faaaavorite GFT offering is their 30-second/50-pip requote during important numbers....and if that's not enough, then how about those 5-minute trade confirmations? Abuse your customer and make up excuses as the accusations fly! Wonder how long you pigs will last...

    Here's the website again, everyone: WWW.GFTFOREX.COM !!!
  6. I infer from your comments that you are not pleased with GFT? They did call me Friday to tell me the demo server was undergoing some system maintenance and was not reliable for the past couple of days, which I did notice. Never had any problem trading my live account though.
  7. By the way I NEVER trade into economic reports for the very reasons you mentioned. If that is your game then good luck finding someone who doesn't requote under those conditions. Like I said ... 'happy hunting'!
  8. really, does anyone know a fx-broker who does not requote ?
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    Ok, i can comment on this, but may i ask you first.....what currencies are you planning to trade?
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