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Discussion in 'Forex' started by riskarb, May 11, 2004.

  1. I've moved the majority of my spec-portfolio to fx; would appreciate some suggestions re: quote vendors, general analytics, etc... I have the fx vols modeled and my broker offers daily risk-reversal analysis.

    Looking for some insights into fx directional-signals. Anyone use IDEA or Olsen?
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    Yes i use Olsen founder of oanda, dukascopy, and Teamforex plus fxstreet. Goodluck.
  3. Anyone know the website address for IDEA?

    I use Informa Global Markets for FX analytics and news. They also provide technical and fundamental trading signals. They are pricy though, because they generally cater to instititions and not to the retail trader.
  4. You can access IDEA thru
  5. riskarb, what do you think of IDEA? I checked out their websites and they seem fairly professional. Do you they provide usefull analysis and information or just state the obvious?
  6. IDEA is a standard in the industry, but I haven't much experience with their analysis. They're more money-flow/fundamentally- oriented than TA.

    Thanks for the links, guys.
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    are there any derivatives on the FX market
    (if any available) that you are interested
    in trading? Sorry it's a newbie question --
    I don't know much about FX market.
    Many thanks.
  8. Barsik,
    I am trading vanilla and exotic OTC options.
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    thanks. Are vanilla FX options OTC too?
  10. Sure, OTC vanilla options are standard options in which the trader can choose the strike and tenor; any strike and expiration date.
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