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    Hello Traders


    No change in view¡K waiting for US data¡K


    118,00-35 looks like good support, but we need rise past 119,15-20 for possible move towds 120 and higher...

    Closed yesterdays long with 11 pips profit¡K

    NOTE. longer-term players using Tuesday's dip in New
    York to add to dollar longs, Japanese names also noted buyers on this
    morning's dip ahead of what is described as key support at Y118.30. This
    was the breakout point post US payrolls two weeks ago. Stops are placed
    under there ahead of tech support at Y118.00. Japanese stops underneath
    ahead of tech support at Y117.45. Good offers are seen at Y118.70/80.


    is on course to completing double-bottom at $1.8520/25
    target $1.8755 at $1.8520. However, risks seen skewed on further squeeze
    higher to $1.8795/1.8800 -- the 50.0% of $1.8520 to $1.9070 & spike high
    US payroll data. The fast 10-day momentum study is showing
    bull-divergence signal and daily slow-stochastic recovering from o/sold.

    Small long from 1,8710 with tight sl near 1,8680 first target 1,8760¡K

    NOTE: Todays UK data was not good but gbp did not want to fall thats why im long...


    Low 148,48, possible fall towds 148,30 then 147,80 and 146, resistance start 148,90-149,10 next 149,35-50¡K

    Took profits yesterdy at 148,75, re-entered short at 149,10 for first 148,30, You can try to take short near 148,90-149,10 for 148,30 first target¡K


    As i wrote yesterday i prefer long positions, but now better to wait for us data and for reaction after¡K

    If You are long exit here at 1,2680 and waiting¡K


    No change in view¡Kbuy on dips¡K


    You can take some profits here at 0,8580-85, re-enter new on dips below 0,8500


    Took part profit from short ( fx news -16.10 ) at 104 for rest sl on entry level¡K


    IF You are long take some profits here at 3,1100-20, put sl for rest on entry, look to re-buy on dips¡K


    Holding short position¡K


    No change in view¡K


    Long with tight sl was stopped out, short was opened after 212 was broken and was closed at 211,80 ( with small profit )¡K stand aside at this moment , watch todays close, pair back above 212 and rise higher possible¡K ( 16.10 )


    No change in view¡K


    If You are long from yesterday can take some profits here at 2,1320-30¡K ( near 100 pips profit ƒº )


    No change in view¡K


    22,200-400 ¡V try to buy on dips¡K..with tight sl, first target 22,700-800


    Stand aside¡K


    1,5966 and 1,5964, double top possible on a daily, waiting for confirmation, first good support 1,5850,
    maybe smal short near 1,5915-30 for 1,5850-60 with tight sl above 1,5965


    Up-trend still intact, need close above 2,3773 for move above 2,4000, support 2,3550 then near 2,3350-3400, strategy buy on dip for 2,4000 minimum target,
    only move down from current level and daily close below 2,3400 could confirm double top on daily¡K


    No change in view¡K


    Missing trade opportunity¡Kstand aside at this moment or try to catch small long on dips¡K


    Break to the upside still possible¡Kwatch daily close¡K

    Good Luck and Good Trade