Forex algo - Etna Robot

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by ASusilovic, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. Their solutions sound interesting. I'd like to know more as well if anyone has tried a demo of the robot or their complete solutions.
  2. Simply ask them for a Demo. They have like 200 employess. Sounds like a solid company. A couple of sell side customers on their reference list.

    Let´s see.
  3. Any relevant info about this product and about this company. Please share..

  4. That’s weird… When I clicked on the link it came up as a 404? Anyone else experiencing that?

  5. Perhaps because the post was from 2011 and the company changed their website since then and didn't bother to redirect inbound traffic referencing old URLs... can always just click the main page and pull up the product from their menu.
  6. I've got an idea:

    Why don't we all copy everything I do?

    Need a new protocol network droid exchange automaton in Aurora? Nicely done!

    Need lightning quick routing to eliminate unfair execution algorithms that exploit this inefficiency? Nicely done! Droidbot to the rescue.

    Maybe the only problem is still that it's in a place far away from the execution gateway, and this still represents a competitive disadvantage.

    I've only considered the EtnaRobot for larger institutional expansion.