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    Boeing has delivered year after year. BA is sitting below 360 on very clear flag formation, poised for breakout into new 'forever highs'.
  2. By the way, 'Ba' means 'crazy' in Thai.
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    People seem to have lost sight of the fact that BA is a cyclical stock regardless of how its spun on CNBC. Its sensitive to all kinds of macro-economic factors.
    It can go down, trust me.
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  4. BA's cycle is nothing but up. Look at the returns...
  5. Month after month of consistent returns. Not every month is 20+%, but provides nice stable returns; almost as good as a dividend.

    Each month BA's value increases on a compounding basis. All its holdings, land and everything. Each employee's productivity is also compounded monthly.

    How did they do it? What did they do? Spectacular success by senior management. Dennis Mullenburg. Get him over to GE for that kind of transformation.

    Wow... those returns started in 2016 on Boeing's 100 year anniversary!!!
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    Well, ride it while you can. Remember its one of only 30 Dow component's. Is the Dow manipulated at times? Absolutely. Each $1 of a BA move is worth about 6.8 Dow points so if the DOW sells off big, its gonna take BA with it. Just stay alert. :fistbump:
    G/L FW
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    You see what it did on the left side of that chart right?
  8. Maybe it's the slope of that 200 day moving average. It's almost perfect. Consistent, year after of growth.

    See, the magic happened around its 100th anniversary in 2016:

  9. vanzandt


    That chart says it all. Either Boeing was seriously undervalued for the better part of the last 2 decades.... or its come too far too fast. Are their revenues up 300% in the last two years?
    I reeeallly think BA is gonna pull back below $330 at least. Probably more. Could be wrong though.
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