Forest Gump Trading Manual

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    Trading Tips from the Forest Gump Traders Manual

    #12 - Just when yer thinkin things are too high, or things are too low, yer better off just not a thinkin.

    #14 - Mama always said that what a man sees is a lot more import-ant than what a man thinks. Cause no man ever knows what will come up next.

    #18 - A bubble is as a bubble does.

    #20 - When fishin for shrimp, sometimes it's just better to pull up the net with what you got than wait around a whole lot longer.

    #21 - One thing I always know is the sun will come up tomorrow and things will start all over again. That's for sure.

    #34 - If things are not goin so good then only a really stupid person keeps doin the same darn thing.

    #37 - Things that are complicated don't ever seem to go so good as things that are simple. I know that for a fact.
  2. I like #12 and #20. #20 I use a lot...go for quick 1-1.5 ES pt hits....I just try to do it 8-10 times a day :D

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    Favorite line from the movie: Forrest: "And then I had enough money to live on for the rest of my life and that was one less thing to think about".

  4. Coming soon:

    Forrest Gump 2: The Day Trader.
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    funny stuff....keep it comin