Foreigners are to blame for the US mess

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    How can a guy who rides a camel to work in all good conscience charge us a 100 bucks a barrel for oil.

    How can BNP Paribas in all good conscience refuse to take anymore worthless subprime paper from us and to add insult to injury encourage all other foreign banks to follow suit.
    Good lord, do they not realise that our rating agencies went to great lengths to package this paper like xmas presents.

    How can Iran complain about restrictions on enrichment from us, when we are talking from the experience of having nuked two cities within three days.

    How can any foreigner complain when we carefully explain that it was a technical glitch that caused a 500lb bomb to land on his sisters wedding.
    I mean, talk about inward thinking.

    Talk about an ungrateful bunch, who can never see beyond their own selfish wants.
    They all live in a bubble if you ask me.

    Shame on them.
    These foreigners are the cause of all our woes.
    I say throw the bums out and stop talking to the rest.
    As for doing business with them, I say one of us is slowly becoming irrelevant.
    I say build a big fence and we can trade amongst our own glorious states.
    Texas national guard can invade NJ ( assuming they can find it and any of them survive the walk without gas)
    Kali can trade oscars for subprime paper with NY.
    LV can auction strippers.

    Come on guys this is doable.
    It is this type of thinking that built this great country and I want you all to throw you weight and magnificence behind this idea.
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    Nothing to do with economics.

  3. Texas National Guard to invade NJ??? Why would you want that? Texas has way less Americans living there than NJ. We should rename in Texico. NJ is only bad in a few places, most of them touch the NJ Turnpike.
  4. I would suggest to stop buying oil and make them lower their prices, damn camel riders!
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    excellent point Grandeur.

    Of course if we grew our own fleet of camels not only would we not need oil but the Texas national guard would be fully mobilised once again.
    Drag Chuck Norris out of an oldfolks home to lead the charge.

    See, this is the innovative thinking that will revitalize this great country.
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    Dont forget all foreigners will be on the other side of the fence and we will pick our own lettuces with pride.(and a sore back)
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    send this ivan.. busybody a PM and tell him what u think of him or better still post it right on this thread.
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    With a name like Ivanovich you are going to wind up on the wrong side of the fence.

    Throw the bums out. Bloody foreigners.

    I will be watching you closely Ivanovich
  9. I'm quakin' in mah boots, Ged!
  10. Well, if you and the rest of America would stop driving your Chevrolet SUVs and Ford pickup trucks that gets 10 mpg back and forth from work everyday maybe prices would go down.

    All I know is that when T. Boone Pickens starts advocating a green wind and solar energy policy in America we have turned a corner in this country.
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